The October meeting was led by Lorna Glennie and Dot Gordon. Lorna welcomed visitors from Strichen,Maud and our own members and Mrs Donna Simpson.
Apologies from Wilma were received.
Everyone sang MP13 "As we are gathered". Frances was able to play as her injured arm is healing well. Dot read from 2nd Corinthians 1 v 3-7. Lorna led in prayer and then intoduced Mrs Simpson manager of Willowbank Day Care who gave a very informed and interesting talk of the work they do. The members were surprised to learn of the varied aspects of work involved some work at various places the shop, coffee shop at Aden,gardening at Grangepark , teddy making,wood chopping and making garden furniture, jam and chutney making drama,crafts.

Lorna thank Donna coming along to the meeting.A fly cup was enjoyed by everyone Dot blessed the offering.
Thank you letter was recieved from ALEC for the donation to the speaker at the January meeting.
Names were gathered for members wanting to go to the Big Sing in November
Lorna thank everyone for attending and the meeting was closed by singing MP 45 "Father I Place into your hands".