Company Section


The Company Section meets in St Kane’s hall (the school gym hall) on a Friday from 6.30pm-8.30pm.

It is for those in S1 to 15/16 years, when the young men can join the seniors.

On a typical evening we do several different things;

There is a parade including a prayer and a Bible reading, and drill to encourage boys to take pride in their uniform, be self-disciplined and be part of their squad.

We always have games such as football, basketball, or something more unusual. We can have obstacle courses or team building logic games.

We also spend some time on badge work, which can cover (in addition to the other things we do on a night) crime prevention, first aid, wildlife study and music among many other things. Recent projects included a local history study on Maud Mart, and construction of a model car.

In addition to the regular meetings we also have weekends away at adventure camps (such as the recent one to Fairburn in the highlands and previous ones to PGL Dalguise), hillwalking expeditions, involvement competitions with other BB companies at sports and quizzes and visits to places such as police and fire stations and nature reserves.