The September meeting was held in St Kanes Church centre and was led by Pam Anderson and Nancy Rennie with twelve people attending.Pam welcomed everyone to the first meeting of our new session and opened the evening in prayer and everyone sang MP212 "Take my life and let it be" Pam read Luke 10v 25-37 "The Good Samaritan" the choice of the speaker. Pam introduced Jan Blake who gave an interesting powerpoint on the work of Aberdeen Street Pators during the night-time economy in the city centre. They seek to listen,care and help those in need or have found themselves in difficulties. In addition they run a small team of school and retail pastors. They are an interdominational organisation and draw their volunteers from 35 churches across the city and beyond. There aims are to bring peace and a Christian prescence amongst  the night life community by building relationships,serving where they can. Where appropriate they take those opportunities to share their faith and pray with people. There values include working in partnership and therefore they worrk with police,city council,churches and the business community. Ultimately,they strive to bring a positive impression of the local church and relevance to the Christian Gospel.

The offering was blessed and everyone sang MP274 "Who is o the Lords side?" Everyone enjoyed a fly cup before singing the closing hymn MP 216"Thank you Jesus for loving me" Pam closed the meeting in prayer and wished everyone a safe journey home.


Shoebox appeal boxes to be collected from the centre on the 8th October 2015

Mini - Market 5th -9th October 2015 10am - 4pm

Big Sing 20th November Gay,Frances,MargaretF,Anne and Nancy Forwarded their names to attend at Dumfermline Abbey.